5 Remedies Clear Glowing Skin

5 Remedies Clear Glowing Skin

We all wish to have a flawless, immaculate, picture perfect super glowing skin. Unblemished skin is liked by all irrespective of the age, gender, occupation one has. But it seems it’s not that simple; especially, when a skin is prone to acne and other skin issues. In corporation with the stress of life, busy work routines, pollution, harmful UV rays, irregular eating and drinking habits, and growing age, it is difficult task. Taking care of the skin needs a perfect consistent regime. Most importantly, in such a scenario it is required to pay heed to your skin condition.Following are few ways, like sleep habits, daily outingsstress you take, intake of coconut water, use of Indian healing clay; you can opt easily and bring your lost glow back.

When you sleep

When you sleep take care of following things. Make sure your linens are clean and regularly changed. As un-hygienic bedding leads to bacteria growth. You must also have adequate amount of rest- sleep. Lack of sleep weakens your skin shield towards skin damage. Lack of sleep even increases the pace at which your skin ages. A regular sleep routine with a fixed hour of sleep and fixed time to sleep and wake up can even aid in good health.

When you move out

Direct sun causes skin damage as it results in dry, cracked skin, moisture loss. This leads to wrinkles and in worst cases even skin cancer. UVA Radiations can cause premature ageing. UVB Radiations cause development of melanoma and skin cancer. To save yourself from the harmful rays of sun you need to use sunscreen on your skin whenever you move out of the house. The sunscreens need to be water resistant with sun protection factor of 30 or higher. Also apply balm with SPF of 30 to protect sensitive lips.

Stress and skin

Usually acne flares up when you are stressed, whether it is an exam stress, job interview. Excessive stress can result in increased amounts of oil on the skin. This can result in painful break outs. Exercising regularly and practicing meditation can lower the stress level and improve self-confidence and reduce negative feelings. This helps in improving the mental state and gives physical benefits like clear skin.

Coconut water and skin

Coconut water moisturizes the skin, reduces signs of ageing, it helps to get rid of pigmentation, treat skin infections. Most importantly, it has many anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well. Therefore, it reduces acne and cures eczema. It reduces stress and bad effects of pollution. It works as a great toner and helps to remove your tan. One can apply coconut water twice a day to give glow to the skin.

Indian healing clay

This is a great natural product in itself for flawless and fairer looking skin. It is found to be rich in minerals like iron, lime, alumina that aids in leaving skin cool for healthy glowing skin naturally. This healing clay is beneficial for oily and skin prone to acne. It removes excess of oil and dirt leaving the skin clean and subtle. A variety of face packs can be made at home to treat various skin problems. Indian healing clay by Amaze Secret is well known for its work in treating all skin problems.



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