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Made in India, we want to alter the way people think of skin care. Our Indian Healing Clay is unparalleled in market and contests the stereotyped skin care. Aztec Secret’s Indian healing clay aims to deliver you naturally improved skin. Since 2002, Aztec Secret’s is creating products that free of parabans, alcohol, petrochemicals, detergents and artificial fragrances. We maintain high ethical standards to avoid any component that can probably harm the skin. We choose the ingredients as carefully as we leave out the components not fit to add. Top quality natural products are made by high quality natural components. It is imperative that along with providing safe products, we intend to provide mainstream skin care products. Thus, give desired skin care results. Aztec Secret is a company that masters the complete production process from nature to containers.

Indian Healing Clay

Indian healing clay is a gift of nature for skin care. According to historians, Fuller or textile workers used it to clean impurities from raw wool with a mixture of water and clay, hence the name Fuller’s Earth. The clay was used for beauty and medical purposes since then to achieve beautiful skin and hair. Clay has high absorption power to soak in excess oil and grease, so it is used for commercial and beauty purposes. The clay is believed to provide skin the very moisture it need.  It helps skin in many ways to get rid of skin issues and achieve radiant, blemish-free skin since ages in India. Using clay is one of age-old tips and is handed over generations.

Benefits of Indian Healing Clay

Skin care is overwhelming. Every day there is some issue to resolve, some product to try to ease the skin trouble. At Aztec Secrets, we do the work for you. Our aim is to ease you with our products. There is no hassle to ponder on what to apply? Our Indian healing clay does all wonder you want it to. To list a few benefits, let’s start now. It removes the excessive oil from the skin, scars and blemishes as it does wonder for acne prone skin. Furthermore, it reduces the darkening of the neck area, dark patches on skin, tanning, dead skin. Even more, it is a good regime to follow for skin pigmentation treatment. It has soothing effect on the skin, thus makes it glow. Also, it is used as scrubber and face wash. These are some of the advantage of the clay for skin care.

Driving force

Aztec secret supervises the regular operations of its company while maintaining the desire for decent skincare and educating consumers on skincare solutions. It caters the need of the industry for delivering natural product for skin. It has pioneered to provide the clay for healing skin. Aztec Secret is bound to revolutionize skincare for all with a resilient moral pledge to provide real products to men-women that are worthy of long term for their skin.


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