How to get rid of pimples- fast!

bentonite clay removes pimple

How to get rid of pimples- fast!

Everyone is concerned with how to get rid of pimple as soon as possible! The pain, they embarrass you, and they leave scars at times. Many of us are suffering from blisters. Let’s look for some tried and tested remedies to get rid of pimples in the long run. Life is fast these days. Many factors cause pimples to erupt on the skin, and they are different for different people. Skin health depends on water intake, diet intake, age, medication if any are being taken, environmental allergies and so on. But few remedies work out for the majority of people. Let see what these are:

1. Never Pick Your Skin!

This practice can make a lot of change to your face in the long run. Never pick your pimple and poke your skin, besides that the pimple will look even worse. Instead, it will leave a scar behind. It may even cause the bacteria to spread to the face and lead to more pimples in surrounding areas. So please stop! Also, try not using the white or black head pickers.

2. Detoxification

To reduce pimple, the best practice is detoxification. Just before The Day event, you can start getting rid of the toxins in the body. Having lemon in warm water every morning and before bed can help detoxify the body of excess toxins. Also eating clean is another way of detoxification. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will leave your body detoxified and hydrated, and that will help you get rid of pimples. Avoid processed food as this increases the inflammation. One can even have green tea.

3. Use Indian Healing Clay-by Aztec Secret

There are a variety of clay packs available at Aztec Secrets for facial. Bentonite clay, Indian healing clay, Kaolin clay are used for treating face problems. Clays work very quickly and effectively on the pimples. Aztec secrets Bentonite works wonders. It is a sturdy product. But in case your skin is sensitive go for the white and red clay instead.

mask- bentonite clay

Clays can make a difference in the appearance of a pimple, and what’s great is they work fast. My hands-down favorite earth to use for a pimple that won’t go away is Aztec Secret’s, Bentonite Clay. This stuff is STRONG! So if you have can sensitive skin, you may want to try white or red clay instead. Bentonite clay pulls toxins from the skin and can even be consumed mixed with water to work its magic on the inside as well.

The above remedies can help with the appearance of the pimple only if the pimples are not picked. Never try too many treatments at once. The only way is to be gentle with it. Shop bentonite clay here!


4. As there are do’s so there are don’t as well

Never apply on the pimple.

  • Toothpaste- this usually burns the pimple and can leave a scar behind.
  • Rubbing alcohol- this is good to use on the open pores but the pimple as it will not have any useful effect instead dry it.

If you follow a simple remedy and relax and do not pick it, there is a chance that the pimple will go away.

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