How to use the Aztec Healing Clay Mask

How to use the Aztec Healing Clay Mask

Aztec healing clay is a great solution for skincare in India that is widely used by many people in order to cure skin diseases. It comes in a form of power that can be used with water to create a paste from it and then apply it on your face or any part of the skin as it provides nourishment to the skin. It is helpful in removing scars and dark spots of the skin along with curing skin tanning problems with its good effects. Following are a few of the tips to use the Aztec healing clay mask:

Use the sandwich bag for mixing and applying: You can use the sandwich bag to mix and apply the Aztec secret face pack that you can create by pouring in water and adding the Aztec clay powder inside the sandwich mask and then shake it well to mix. It will become a paste solution that you can use by flipping the sandwich back inside-out and apply the face pack on your face.

Use the spatula to mix: Clay tends to become thicker as it is mixed with water hence if you want to prevent your hands from being sucked into clay, you can use the spatula that will mix the mixture smoother. You can also apply it with the spatula on your face on any part of the body that makes spatula the best choice for mixing the Aztec secret face pack.

Avoid metal utensils to use along with Aztec Secret Indian healing clay: Aztec healing clay reacts with the metals hence it is suggested not to use any metal products with it while mixing or applying it on the skin. It is a secret method to improve skin health because for many years it has been used by the ancient people here in India. It is a secret for the better and healthy skin of the ancient Indians who use this clay as a mask for removing skin problems.

Use with cider vinegar: Aztec secret Indian healing clay powder can be used with cider vinegar but you should not use the mixture directly on your face. First of all, try to use it on any other part of the body that is not more sensitive than your face skin. You can use it on your hand or arms and if you find any bad reaction on your skin then try to use 50% water and 50% cider vinegar to create the mixture with clay. In case you are really worried about the sensitivity of your skin then use only water as it is completely risk-free.

Keep it for only 5 to 10 minutes: Aztec secret Indian healing clay mask is quick to use mask hence you need to keep it more than 10 minutes as it will start working immediately once you use it on your face. You only need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes to remove it but you can keep it for longer as well if you have time. Otherwise, it is a quite time-saving face mask for everyone that can be used within 15 minutes and you are ready to wash your face.

Use on various body parts: Aztec secret Indian healing clay powder mixed with water will create a mixture that can be used as a face pack. But you can also use it on other body parts like in your feet and underarms as it will detoxify the skin and prevent rashes from your skin. You can use it on your whole body as it is side effects free when used with water.

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