Health benefits and uses of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite is a natural type of clay that is available naturally and it is not made artificially like other clays. This is widely used as a solution for various skin problems and other medical purposes as the paste form of this element are known as the best paste for the skin. Following are few of the best uses and benefits of Bentonite clay: Removes Toxins out of our body: Bentonite clay is inhaled by a number of people in order to [...]

flawless skin by aztec secret indian healing clay

6 Organic beauty products for flawless skin

Today everyone wants Natural glowing skin. Most of the concern of women today is about their looks, skin. People are using so many products to achieve the goal of flawless skin, but they don’t know their skin type, the products they can use or ingredients present in them. Here we are sharing with you the best organic beauty product which will turn your skin into flawless skin. These products are natural and 100% organic available for all skin type. These [...]

bentonite clay removes pimple

How to get rid of pimples- fast!

Everyone is concerned with how to get rid of pimple as soon as possible! The pain, they embarrass you, and they leave scars at times. Many of us are suffering from blisters. Let’s look for some tried and tested remedies to get rid of pimples in the long run. Life is fast these days. Many factors cause pimples to erupt on the skin, and they are different for different people. Skin health depends on water intake, diet intake, age, [...]

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Made in India, we want to alter the way people think of skin care. Our Indian Healing Clay is unparalleled in market and contests the stereotyped skin care. Aztec Secret’s Indian healing clay aims to deliver you naturally improved skin. Since 2002, Aztec Secret’s is creating products that free of parabans, alcohol, petrochemicals, detergents and artificial fragrances. We maintain high ethical standards to avoid any component that can probably harm the skin. We choose the ingredients as carefully as [...]

Reduce Dark spot with indian healing clay


Do you have clogged pores? Dry, flaky, chipped skin bothers you? So you have dark spots? Did you pick your pimple? Is it dark spot again? You think it is too much of sun exposure. Dark spot doesn’t leave you alone. These dark spots are so unwelcoming, but still they appear. No matter what ever we try to make our skin grow clear and fine, these spots show up again. What are these dark spots? Dark spots are skin [...]


Amazing Fairness & Get Repair Pimples, Pores, Acne,Tanning, Blemishes, Black Heads, Pigmentation Naturally

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 Today I am going to review a Amazing product . I have recently reviewed brand. After using the products from Aztec Secret I have seriously become a fan of this brand. If you want to know about this brand in detail you can read here. The product which I am going to talk about today is Minerals face care. This 100% Natural Face Pack be used as a daily cleanser, scrub and also as a face mask *yayyy [...]